Thursday, August 23, 2007

Azmel Maamor of the Federal Court and VK Lingam-Part 2

Despite the findings of the Court of Appeal in the Ayer Molek matter,
and despite the obvious bias, on 29 February 2004, Azmel Maamor then still of the High Court , sitting with ZULKEFLI AHMAD MAKINUDDIN and ZAINUN ALI heard the case of VK Lingam - vs - The Bar Council , which concerned disciplinary action the Bar Council sought to take against VK Lingam in regards to the inappropriate holiday with then Chief Justice Eusoffe Chin, apparently evidenced by photographs of the two men and their families on holiday in New Zealand.

It was Chief Justice Eusoffe Chin who had chastised the Court of Appeal for its finding against Lingam and Azmel Maamor for their conduct in the Ayer Molek matter.

Azmel Maamor's judgement in VK Lingam - vs - The Bar Council,where he found in favour of Lingam, ends with the words:" second respondent .....failed to observe the basic rules of natural justice when it deliberated on the complaint of the first respondent against the appellant"!

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