Monday, January 28, 2008

"My voice was not heard in the video" :-Has Fairuz confessed?

Is this not a confession:

I read both documents several times the next day and proceeded to draft a letter.

"I issued letters to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department to express my opinion and position on the video," Ahmad Fairuz said, adding that he attached both documents as appendix to his correspondence.

"I sent the three letters because the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister in Prime Minister's Department are representatives in the executive. I am the head of the Judiciary. Therefore, I need to inform the chief of the executive of the allegations (made) against me and my position on it," he said, when asked why he wrote to the three personalities.

On why he referred to the conversation as a "monologue" in his letters, Ahmad Fairuz replied: "My voice was not heard in the video. Only Datuk V.K Lingam's voice is heard."

To state the obvious, why did this man, a lawyer, a former chief justice say "my voice" , "instead no other voice", or "another's voice, - etc etc why specifically, "My Voice"?


yok hoong said...

a lie to cover a lie? only hope that the commission will explore all avenues to get to the bottom of things though the perception is otherwise.

Trashed said...

That doesn't sound self incriminating enough, though.