Thursday, January 10, 2008

Royal Commission of Inquiry into VK tape should call Digi's Chan Nam Kiong,and some others

Chan Nam Kiong, was deputy GM sales and marketing at Mutiara at and around the time when free handphones etc etc were being handed the judges (

He remains in the company, now remaned Digi, as sales and marketing manager.
He is likely to know to whom phones were given, how their accounts were managed, and how much it all cost.

Others who are likely to have information of relevance are:
a) Ho Meng -GM Finance at Mutiara then Digi, who left the company in 2005(
He is currently CEO of Vincent Tan's MITV (see

b)Kwong Choong Yew-Deputy GM Finance -current whereabouts unknown

c)Chan Kien Sing -Mutiara/Digi director at the relevant time and long time Berjaya man( see

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