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Elizabeth Wong: The problem is not in the photos but in Malaysia's Sharia code

If the reports below are accurate, Elizabeth Wong was photographed ,in some cases partially clothed, by her former boyfriend, Hilmi Malek, a Malay-Muslim subject to Malaysia's sharia codes.
The photos provide prima facie evidence that he had committed khalwat (close proximity), an offence for which he can face criminal prosecution in Malaysia.

The problem for Wong, "Dr" Anwar Ibrahim, and the PKR is then , their stand of sharia, and how it is be imposed on non-Muslims.

In April 2008, the Anwar inspired e Islamic Institute of Understanding Malaysia (Ikim) and the Syariah Judiciary Department Malaysia made submissions to the Attorney-General arguing that a NON-MUSLIM committing khalwat with a Muslim should also be held liable for the offence.

(Non-Muslims in khalwat cases 'should be charged' ,Hazlin Hassan, Malaysia Correspondent ,3 April 2008,Straits Times)

"Dr" Anwar has made conflicting statements in regards to the imposition of Sharia on non-Muslims.While on the one hand declaring that Sharia should not be imposed on non-Muslims, the bearded one has also said:
Justice entails ruling according to the dictates of Islamic law...


Even the DAP/Pakatan's Karpal Singh has concerns about where "Dr"Anwar stands on sharia in Malaysia-see for example http://www.themalaysianinsider.com.my/index.php/malaysia/14722-anwar-should-speak-on-hudud-laws-says-karpal

Wong ha staken the matter to the police , as is her right. Unfortunately for her, a full investigation may also mean an investigation of Hilmi's transgressions of the Sharia code. The problem for her, Pakatan and Dr Anwar is what to do with demands that the "other" be also punished.

On Elizabeth Wong and Hilmi Malek :

Hunt for Wong culprit
By Yushaimi Yahaya and Frankie D'Cruz February 17, 2009 Categories: News

Nude photographs of Selangor legislator Elizabeth Wong were handed over to the Petaling Jaya police last night by the Malay Mail.

A Bukit Aman task force, assigned to probe the case, is expected to interview several people, including a Parti Keadilan Rakyat member in his 30s said to be Wong's former boyfriend, to identify the perpetrators behind the recording of the images.

The boyfriend, a former PKR divisional secretary and now an ordinary member, is a personal assistant to a PKR Member of Parliament.

Wong, 37, who is also Bukit Lanjan assemblyman and State executive councillor for tourism, consumer affairs and environment, told Malay Mail during a meeting last Friday that she had broken up with her boyfriend.

Malay Mail editors, who had alerted Wong to the pictures at the same meeting, handed over two images to senior police officers, who later recorded a brief statement from them last night.

One was a picture of her sleeping on the sofa of her Bukit Gasing home, and the other, with her private parts exposed.

Police were also informed that Wong had confirmed that the pictures were taken in her home.

Wong had confirmed to Malay Mail at last Friday's meeting that the pictures were that of her but maintained that the identity of the photographer was a mystery.

Police sources said the probe, to ascertain who had taken the pictures which Wong had claimed were taken without her consent, is expected to also cover a report published in theSun yesterday.

The newspaper had front-paged a report on the existence of "at least 10 other" photographs and video clips of a State assemblywoman.

It reported that it had sighted two photographs and "at least 10 other pictures that have fallen into the
hands of unscrupulous people who are attempting to use it for political purposes". theSun had said that the two photos it sighted showed a PKR State assemblywoman "asleep on a couch, her clothes ruffled and tousled, exposing intimate areas".

Malay Mail also had a report yesterday on nude photographs of Wong being in public domain. In our report, we had stated that it was not known if the photos were widely available.

Wong, who issued a media statement yesterday after making a police report in Damansara the night before, is scheduled to give her full statement to the police this afternoon.

The Selangor State Exco is expected to meet this morning to discuss the matter.

Leaders of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition met last night to discuss the issue which has sparked a public debate, with Barisan Nasional and PR leaders as well as the public having mixed views.

Now, where's Hilmi?
By Yushaimi Yahaya & Frankie D' Cruz February 18, 2009 Categories: News

Police are looking for Hilmi Malek, 32, for questioning in connection with the Elizabeth Wong nude photograph imbroglio.

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