Monday, April 5, 2010

Malaysian anti-Semite protests contempt of court ruling-initiates international campaign against evils of Malaysia's judiciary

NOTE: Telling this story requires time that I cannot justify spending on Matthias Chang.Nevertheless, it is amusing, as are Chang's actions disturbing. Readers will forgive me for the cut and paste job, but with references:

Matthias Chang is a Malaysian attorney who served as an adviser to former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad with whom he is still closely associated. Chang's influence was evident in Prime Minister Mahathir's infamous speech to the 2003 Islamic Summit Conference, in which he accused the Jews of world domination and oppression of the world's Muslims (read here). Chang was also behind a visit of a delegation of Holocaust deniers and "9/11 truth" advocates to Malaysia in 2006 (read here). The delegation was led by Michael Collins Piper, famous for his claim that Israel was behind the JFK assassination. During this tour, this delegation participated in a conference called “Islam, Humanity and World Peace” in which Yvonne Ridley also participated . This delegation was interviewed by the Malaysian media, addressed conferences at the University of Malaya and the International Islamic University, and visited with Prime Minister Mahathir. They also promoted the Malay translations of Pipers ouvre (Read here.)

Chang has made a post-politics career of writing books which expound at great length on apocalyptic conspiracies involving Jewish bankers, and has continued to advise Dr. Mahathir. Excerpts of "The Shadow Money-Lenders" posted online make the very confused argument that international bankers (read "Jews") have been both controlling and destabilizing the governments of the world's most powerful nations, with the exception of China, which Chang claims has somehow escaped this snare (read here). Chang blames this same international bankers conspiracy for creating both capitalism and socialism, and for the Russian Revolution, Zionism and the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, citing familiar far-right anti-Semitic propaganda as evidence. The cover of the book warns that "THERE WILL BE BLOOD ON THE STREETS", with the word "blood" written in a blood-red, dripping typeface (read here). (Editorial note: shouldn't that be "blood in the streets"?)

In 2006 Chang attended Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "conference" of Holocaust deniers:


International Conference

"Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision

10-12 December 2006



Tuesday, 12 December 2006

14:00-15:30 - Aras Hall


Chairman: Mr Ghaderi, Director, Middle East & Africa Studies, IPIS, Iran

1. Majid Ghodarzi: Islamic Culture & Communications Organization, Iran

2. Moshe Weiss: USA

3. Mohammad Tarahi: Senior Expert, IRIB, Iran

4. Matthias Chang: Advisor to former Malaysian PM, Malaysia

In 2010 however, Chang has attempted to portray himself as a champion of justice.He has initiated an international campaign asking for letters to be sent to Malaysian Government and judicial authorities protesting the matter reported below:

Lawyer Matthias Chang refuses fine, opts for jail

KUALA LUMPUR: Matthias Chang, the ex-political secretary of the former prime minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad, refused to pay the RM20,000 fine imposed on him by the High Court for contempt of court, and will have to serve a month in jail in default.

Last Thursday Justice Noor Azian Shaari gave him a week to pay the fine.

Chang was cited for contempt when he failed to apologise to the court after an argument with the judge and a lawyer during cross-examination in his defamation suit against American Express (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Chang, 60, and his supporters waited at the civil court here from 3pm for the committal order to be served on him.

However, Deputy Registrar K. Pavanni only informed him at about 4.15pm that the one-week period ordered by justice Noor Azian Shaari expired late this evening, and according to the court procedure, the commital order could only be issued tomorrow morning.

Last Friday Noor Azian had dismissed his suit, and ruled that Chang had failed to prove his case after hearing witnesses from both sides as well as submissions.

The lawyer had sued American Express for breach of contract and defamation because his card was suspended.

American Express, in its defence, said that there was no evidence of breach of contract or defamation as claimed.

Earlier, at a news conference, Chang said he is prepared to be prisoned even though members of the Federation of Kwang Siew Association of Malaysia had raised RM20,000 to pay the fine.

"It's a matter of priciple. I'm willing to be jailed to prove a point that judges should not get away with their unethical behaviour and lack of decorum," he said.

Chang claimed that Noor Azian had refused to retract some derogatory remarks against his counsel in the civil suit when they attempted to draw her attention to the relevant laws.